Sunday, December 27, 2009

do you hear what I hear....?

Have you ever heard God whispering to you....? trying gently to lead you in one direction, while you stubbornly pull in another....? Well, that's been me recently. God has tried to tell me to SLOW DOWN, cut it out and let Him handle stuff.....And for the past three weeks, I really have. This Alaska trip took me out of my element and removed a lot of typical stressors for me. We're in our last week here and it's back to reality.
My goal: to find a way to hold onto this PEACE, this togetherness and this closeness once we return back to life in VA.....I get all teary-eyed when I think of how much I have wasted, just chasing my tail. God was whispering to me the whole time....
So I listened these past 3 weeks.....I can hear it and see it clearly now. I'm ready and my heart is open in a whole new way.
Things I loved about this trip:
* my husband was with us the WHOLE TIME.
* we hung out as a family THE WHOLE TIME
* did I mention there was a maid?? hehehehe
* there were naps.....
* just getting away from the chaos and the stuff....
I think this trip was valuable for many reasons: it put back into the military community that I am distanced from, living so far away from post in DC, and as we prepare to return back to a more typical military life, this is a good thing.
I'm countin' my blessings and there are MANY.
I'm getting all teary eyed thinking that a brand new year is upon us.
I'm setting big goals. I'm ready.....

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