Friday, March 26, 2010

wow...take a deep breath...

I have been way too busy lately....doing lots of nothing. You know how that is? Your day is so full, but then at the end of the day, you look back and say, "What all did I do?" Even though I feel like I'm spinning my wheels many days, I'm getting stuff done.

1. Our house is active on the market. This is the RE-listing. We did a trial run in the fall. This is the real deal. Sell it or else....We have less than 100 days left in Virginia. This both thrills me and unnerves me. But I am excited about the adventures to come...

2. Micaela is sleeping with the Official Washington State Travel book under her pillow. She's making a mental list of all the things she wants to do.

3. I am way sick of keeping the house SUPER realtor-clean. Can't someone just buy it already messy and lived in?

4. Less than 2 weeks and I'll be in St. Louis. I'm going to CKC with a scrappin' buddy. We're going to have SO much fun. I have only driven through St. Louis, so I'll be eagerly soaking up the sites. We're going to go off the beaten path, too.

5. Did I tell you that I recently fell in love.....? With a Blender? It's no ordinary blender....oh no, sirree....It's a BlendTec. It's also a $379 blender (gulp) so it will be an unrequited love. Someday....just maybe.

6. Kids' school is going well. I was so glad to be a homeschooling family yesterday. I had a wicked, knee-buckling migraine yesterday and I was able to put off the kids' school work for one day. That flexibility allowed me to deal with my pain. (it was BAD). So today, we double up. Adam was excitedly learning about invertebrates in relation to fish. He was bummed when I couldn't locate a WHOLE fish to dissect.

7. It would be unusual of me NOT to comment on the recent passing of the Health Reform Law.....Suffice it to say, I was horrified. Disappointed. But not at all surprised. A reckoning will come. November is not that far off and the lawmakers who voted for that nightmare will be dealt with. Obviously, I was NOT for this legislation. Neither were 62% of the American people....I happen to be married to a VERY positive guy. And he said to me, "Look at the bright side: more Americans are paying attention to what Washington is doing now...." So true. It's easy to forget those people are ELECTED, and they work for US. The will of the people will not be crushed. They may have won this one, but just you wait and see. ---I'm keeping it clean, so if you have comments on this matter, please keep them "family-friendly", one bit of profanity and I will not publish your comments.--


Christy said...

I hope your house sells quickly with no hiccups. If you've seen my FB status's you know how I feel about this bill that passed, I'm disgusted, but oh things will be changing come November.

rennratt said...

I was seriously conflicted when the Health Care Bill first came out. I have many friends that are out of work (all economy related), and in desperate need of help.


The odd thing is, many of those same friends are JUST as horrified with the 'unknowns' and 'line items' as I am.

Perhaps one of the line items in the bill should have noted that, upon signing, all politicians involved would take a 40-65% PAY CUT to help the initiative get off the ground.

It would chafe me a lot less if the people voting on the bill had actually READ IT.

SB said...

@rennratt, I would have LOVED to see that pay cut.....but then who would pay for Nancy Pelosi's face upkeep??

fragilemom said...

Hilarious above comment! Also, very nicely put entry about your opinion on the bill. If only everyone could keep it that true, AND CALM. The over-bearing, verbally abusive opinions don't impress me any.

p.s. your house looks beautiful!

Lindsey said...

Hi, I know this is a little weird...but I was wondering how big your house is? I've seen pictures of your kitchen, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm getting married next year, and have begun (barely) the house hunting process.

We weren't planning on buying right away, but might be able to work it out if we felt like that was where God wanted us. It may not even be what we're looking for, but I figured it couldn't hurt to at least ask how big it is. :-) Thanks!