Sunday, May 23, 2010


We're into the TEENS. As in eighTEEN days until the movers show up. The anticipation is palpable. Someone said to me the other day, "Why are you anxious to get out of VA?" It's not Virginia that I am anxious to LEAVE, it's the adventure I'm ready to BEGIN. Bring it on, baby!! The kids are excited, too.

What has my weekend been like? Busy. Errands to run, loose ends to tie up. More stuff to purge. The more we purge here, the less I have to unpack and purge in WA. We're thinking ahead this time. And let me just say, as our longest stay on station (6 years) we have gathered LOTS of stuff. Luckily, our kids are no longer toddlers so we don't have the mountains of toys, play-yards, strollers and highchairs.

We did score this at the Habitat's a leather couch (8' so Greg can actually lay all the way down...) with a matching comfy chair and ottoman (not pictured)'s in a loved-in condition but it's for our (eventual) basement playroom so it's going to see a lot of action anyhow...I love shopping at the ReStore: it's for a great cause and you get GREAT deals.

The whole couch set was only $159.00...and it's REAL leather. No rips, no tears, and it's all mine :)
In my future, I see many naps in my basement playroom....

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