Sunday, May 16, 2010

a month later......

It's a month since my last post....I don't think that's happened since I've HAD a blog. What can I say? I've been busy....Like busy on steroids type busy.

Right now, I'm at the desk, we're 26 days from leaving Virginia. WA can't come soon enough. I'm ready, ready, READY. In a "beam up Scotty" kind of way.....

Church was nice this morning. Even nicer, was the lunch I had with Greg, the kids and our realtor friend, Dee.

What's new? Well, our house STILL hasn't sold. We had some game-changing news so we did a 180 and are going in a different direction with the house. New realtor, new eyes, new action. And hope springs eternal. I am praying FERVENTLY for a buyer. As in, I think of little else.

What else? I haven't worked out in a week. Nothing gets done when the house stuff brings life to a screeching halt. This week, I WILL work out. Even if I have to forego sleep. Seriously. I am turning back into a marshmallow. I don't want to arrive in WA as the Marshmallow, you know?

Stuff....? My re-branding of my business is imminent. I am so terri8bly excited. It won't really show up or take effect until we're in WA, but I'm getting it ready now. I mean, I'm gonna have my hands FULL in WA for a while. Gladly though. I'll trade this stress for that stress...

In all of this, I'm faithful that God knows what's best. I am re-charging my batteries with some of THE best music and my spirit stays strong. I am focused on the calendar. And all that comes with it.

Today, I have a photo shoot with a body builder, which is a first for me. I'm a bit nervous, I want to do him justice, so I'm thrilled at adding something new to my expanding portfolio.

Tomorrow, a traditional Birthday photo shoot for Adam, who turns a big, whopping 8 years old. He still hugs me. I love that kid.

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Catherine said...

Your house is wonderful, you have done all of the staging things you should. It's this danged market that is hurting you. Things were a little better with some of the incentives, but now we'll see if the housing economy is really improving now that the artificial incentives have been removed.

Around here, Suzanne, the only things that are moving well are the structured deals. That is what we would have to do both coming and going these days. Few people have the credit to get a mortgage anymore since the banks are really clamping down. If you do a rent to own or take on the mortgage with a hefty down payment and a lawyer ready to evict if payments don't come, you will get comers. Then you have to do the same on the other end for yourself. That is the only thing that is making the market move here.