Tuesday, May 25, 2010

stuff on a Tuesday

We said goodbye to Jack Bauer last night.....although I liked how it ended, I think it should have been MORE dramatic. Like Jack gets kidnapped and we don't know if he lived or not.....you think they'll bring him back? Who knows....?

The move prep and purging continues still. We cleared out our storage facility. All the stuff we'd taken out for de-cluttering is back. But now it's organized in our garage. Stacked so nicely. Can I even call it clutter if it's neatly stacked. yes, probably so. I'll be going through each container and purging more and more. I want to arrive in WA with less stuff. Easier said than done.....I just gotta do it. And I'll be happier for it, I know.

Our house still hasn't sold. But this is truly in God's hands. We've done everything we could. And then some.
I keep praying though.....

Now this lil piggy is off to start a very busy day....more purging and donating to come!

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