Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's the weekend, baby....!

Every Friday, Jonathan and I have the same conversation....Without fail. Because we are creatures of habit and because we're goofy like that. It's how we roll... It goes a little something like this:

Mom: "Jonathan, you know what day it is?"

Jonathan: "yes (smiling from ear to ear)."

Mom: "And you know what that means?"

Jonathan: "It's the weekend, baby! (in your very best Austin Powers voice)

So here it is, it's the weekend, baby....and we have oodles to do. We're starting off Saturday with muffins for breakfast then heading off to an 11am showing (on-post) of "Despicable Me". Just to give you some idea, off-post movies will run us about $60 for the family. And that's with only ONE popcorn shared amongst people. ON POST MOVIES: $10 for the whole family, and that's WITH POPCORN to share. Lemme give a big HOOAH to AAFES for having on-post movies for military and family members. We love love LOVE that benefit.

After the movie. we're off to the Commissary. Because apparently, I'm trying to starve people and they need more food. Go figure. Then we're going to hit up Trader Joe's. I'm hostessing a breakfast on Tuesday and need to stock up on their frozen croissants. LOVE those. They're so stinkin' easy and they make me feel fancy. Plus NO ONE has better organic bananas than TJ's. And plus my family has become addicted to their dark chocolate covered blueberries...And I need to load up on some produce for our smoothies..Yep, we still drink smoothies. Love 'em. They make me feel so good (when I type that, I hear disco music...very odd). Remember how when we first started the Smoothie Drinkin', how Adam thought I was trying to kill him with fruits and spinach? Well, feast your eyes on THIS? Now, he begs to fix them. Good things, man. Good things...(it would frighten you to see just how much spinach is in our smoothies...about 2 cups....we go through a huge bag of spinach every 2 days.) Last week, we drank cucumber-spinach-strawberry-kiwi-melon. It was Awesome!!)

Tonight, we're grilling and kicking back.
Why? Because it's the weekend, baby....!!