Friday, November 21, 2008

a little help here, people......

I know many of you will find this shocking (not).
But I am not SuperMom, I don't even OWN a cape.
Ok, I lie. I do own a cape. But I don't USE it....
I do however use the Internet to find out things I need to know.

Some of the websites that I rely on are as follows: - which is so unbelievably amazing, it's mind-boggling good...Every time I go there, I go all "ooohhhh, I wanna try that." or "I can't believe that they can do that!" Like today, I discovered a new recipe: Decadent Sweet Milk Bread: I am making it tomorrow!!

A Year of CrockPotting Because my crockpot is my best ally. It fixes dinner for me. I just have to stick things in it. How easy is that??

Bakers' Banter - because I love all thing KAF (King Arthur Flour)...

The Hillbilly Housewife you need to sign up for newsletter. It's free and packed with recipes and goodness.

Recipes - All Recipes- THE best place for recipes. THE.BEST. Nothin' beats 'em. Especially the search for recipes with your Ingredients. It rocks....

(I was going to include DRUDGE REPORT 2009® but it's not food or cooking, but to me, it's ESSENTIAL...._

what website can you not function without?? what site do you check when you log on? Our hometown newspaper is our homepage, so we can stay connected to life back in Alaska...wanna see? • Fairbanks, Alaska

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Anonymous said...

First thing every morning I check the weather! (if it's raining or snowing)

Then I check Drudgereport and Foxnews in case the world fell in the toilet while we slept. But I don't like the moral decay on Fox, so I'm starting to switch to

If I have time I search for low carb (diabetic friendly) recipes I can adapt for dinner on

Suzanne, I'm headed right over to check out your links, especially Tipnut...looks great, thanks for sharing! I'm going to check your blog regularly for more great ideas.